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'Dialogue' has become increasingly valued in corporate human resources. As a result, many companies are now integrating one-on-one dialogues into their practices to reflect these interactions in personnel evaluations and enhance employee motivation. However, it remains challenging for companies to accurately understand the current situation of their own employees, and effective methods to address this have long been sought. One aspect contributing to this difficulty is the strong sense of camaraderie among colleagues, which can hinder access to effective dialogue. To address this challenge, we leverage the unique position of 'monks' as trusted and impartial mediators in our 'dialogue' sessions. Our sessions provide essential support by creating a 'fully safe place,' a feat that companies often struggle to achieve independently. We aim to elicit the 'true voice' of each employee, including aspects they may not be fully aware of in their daily lives.


  • Improvement of well-being
    We contribute to enhancing well-being by deepening individuals' awareness of their own state.

  • Enhanced access to creativity
    Our service broadens the narrow perspectives often confined by daily tasks and brings their creativity.

  • Leadership development
    Our program enables individuals to listen to the voices of others, leading to an improvement in leadership.


  • Quality of trusted impartial role embodied by monks.

  • Mindful listening based on Buddhist philosophy.

  • AI Voice Engagement Analysis by Data Scientists.


Nowadays, the social and cultural context is becoming increasingly complex. In corporate management, executives require not only problem-solving skills but also the ability to 'generate new questions'. Leaders at the forefront of the era are beginning to recognize this shift. In this context, values and perspectives from Eastern philosophy, including Buddhism, are attracting global attention. Monks serve as mediators and translators to access this wisdom. Through their guidance, we collectively cultivate the ability of executives to 'create new questions'.


  • Realization of Purpose-Driven Management
    We guide towards the attainment of a purpose-driven approach to management, ensuring that all activities align with a social significance beyond profit-seeking endeavors.

  • Refinement of integral leadership
    We enhance self-awareness and hone ethical values through practice, to become influential leaders.

  • Accompanying the succession of leadership for the next generation
    We support the next generation of leader candidates and facilitate the smooth transition of leadership. 


  • Meta-thinking that poses the very core of questions itself, based on Buddhist philosophy.

  • Opportunities to engage in long-term thinking, inspired by the Long Now concept.

  • Connections and experiences bridging Buddhist and business worlds transcend sector boundaries.


"Why can't my company change?" is a question many business leaders often grapple with. Despite the implementation of various training programs aimed at transforming employees, these leaders often struggle to witness tangible results. The term 'company' originates from 'companion,' highlighting the significance of camaraderie. To foster sustainable collective growth, we offer the Organization Development, tailored to address the specific needs and circumstances of your organization. Building upon your company's philosophy, we, alongside facilitator monks, strive to cultivate a culture where organizational members develop camaraderie, deepen mutual understanding, and evolve together.

Fellowship Program / Tailored for new employees who may feel uncertain due to a lack of understanding about the company.
Company Development Program / Designed for management personnel navigating high-stress environments.


  • Improved Motivation
    Our program aligns the personal goals of employees with those of the company, enhancing motivation in their work.

  • Innovation and Productivity Enhancement
    By nurturing mental stability and resilience within the team, out program fosters innovation and enhances productivity.

  • Acceptance of Others
    Our program teaches individuals to recognize thought patterns or tendencies, expanding their capacity to understand others and facilitating smoother communication. 


  • Tailored programs finely customized to meet the unique needs of individual participants.

  • Facilitation techniques that encourage active involvement from each participant.

  • Output that objectively reflects observed changes before and after participation.


With the increasing embrace of health management and human capital management strategies, surveys like employee engagement and satisfaction surveys are becoming more common. These surveys aid in evaluating and enhancing employee well-being. However, there are instances where conducted surveys fail to effectively utilize the data or raise doubts about its accuracy. The annual frequency of survey administration and the constraints of text-based methods present challenges. To address this, we employ our exclusive "AI voice engagement analysis algorithm" to conduct engagement assessments using 'voice', offering a more accurate and reliable alternative to text-based evaluations.


  • Measuring Organizational Conditions
    This entails assessing and discerning the state of the organization.

  • Understanding Organizational Situation
    Regular assessments facilitate an understanding of the organization's health and well-being status.

  • Realization of Health Management
    Utilizing survey results can lead to the actualization of health and well-being management.


  • Ability to conduct engagement surveys via voice even without a PC.

  • Understanding the true sentiments beyond text data.

  • A significant reduction in implementation barriers for non-desktop workers unfamiliar with text-based surveys.


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Inter-dependent, co-arising.

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