• Interbeing

    Inter-dependent, co-arising.

  • Our Mission

    Envision your company’s legacy seven generations ahead.

    With our unique approach combining Buddhism and Data Science,

    we support you in bringing your future concept to reality.

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    Together with a Monk; AISATSU Dialogue

    We provide an online one-on-one dialogue service between monks and employees.

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    Executive Coaching

    Executive coaching is an ongoing one-on-one question-and-answer dialogue between a monk and a manager.

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    Philosophy Resonance Program

    The Philosophy Resonance Program is a program that enhances the vitality of an organization by creating a place where the collective consciousness of those who work together resonates, opening a person-to-person relationship that is not based on titles or positions.

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    Voice Engagement Survey

    Voice Engagement Surveys are surveys that use voice input to measure employees' enthusiasm for their jobs and attachment to their organizations.

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    Lectures & Writings


    List of speaking and writing achievements

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    Advanced Study at Interbeing


    We conduct various activities to empower our R&D assets. Our study sessions, lectures and references are open to the public.


  •  What is Interbeing?


    This video will tell you about Interbeing's initiatives and challenges.

  • Meet Our Executive Team

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    Shoukei Matsumoto

    Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

    Ancestorist/Buddhist Monk

    CEO & Co-Founder of Interbeing, Inc.

    Founder of Institute of Temple Management

    Visiting Professor at Musashino University, Japan

    Member of Young Global Leaders from World Economic Forum

    Member of Co-Creation Advisory Board, Development Bank of Japan (DBJ)


    Shoukei Matsumoto received his BA in Philosophy at The University of Tokyo in Japan and MBA at Indian School of Business in India as an Ambassadorial Scholar of Rotary Foundation. He has notably published A Monk's Guide to a Clean House and Mind in more than seventeen languages, among other books. Matsumoto has also translated books, including Roman Krznaric's The Good Ancestor: How to Think Long Term in a Short-Term World. He has held lectures and workshops internationally, and has been featured on publications including the Japan Times, the Guardian and the Forbes Japan, which highlights Matsumoto as one of the "100 Hopes to Save the World" on its June 2023 issue.

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    Hiroko Onari

    Chief Analytics Officer/Co-Founder

    Data Scientist/People Analyst

    Researcher of People Analytics and HR Technology Data Association

    Advisor of Data Science Education Research Center at Seijo University, Japan

    Lecturer at Seijo University, Japan


    Hiroko Onari has been devoting herself to study analytics to improve the well-being in the work environment.

    She has been a lecturer, columnist, co-author and successful publication producer, including WirelessWire News, Training Book for Data Scientist-introduction for people analysis, 2018, Training book for Data Scientists-social media network analysis, 2016, Japanese edition of Puzzle for Programmers and Pros by Dennis E. Shaha.

  • Information

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